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From Lörrach into the world

In the year 1887, Julius Kaltenbach opened a small locksmith. How he and his successors made it to a company of world fame is being highlighted in the anniversary year 2012. “ 125 years of KALTENBACH. From Lörrach into the World“ is the title of a book being published in March 2012 and also of the large exhibition at the castle courtyard in Lörrach  Museum – here a virtual museum tour is available.

Lörrach is devoting enough attention to this anniversary. KALTENBACH is an important employer, 300 people work here at the headquarters. Lörrach also acknowledges KALTENBACH for the extraordinary commitment. Here the entrepreneurs have proved over four generations as to how the social life of a city can be shaped and people can be supported in times of need. Therefore, in the anniversary year 2012, this was not only about  machine tools and expansion, but very much about the Dieter Kaltenbach-foundation and the centre for games and creativity. And also of a simple handcart, which became the most important means of transport of the region in the scarce post war period: the KALTENBACH-Trolley, which can be seen on the poster of the anniversary.