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We are looking to the future and always thinking ahead.
Unsere Erwartungen richten sich in die Zukunft, unser Denken nach vorne.

Kaltenbach News

Circular Cold Saw - Revolution Of Engineering

The latest technology advancements between band saws and circular saws have made the choice between the two technologies less clear-cut. It's a common question. Band saw or circular cold saw: Which best fits my operation? Make the wrong choice...


For us as a leading manufacturer of metalworking machines, everything revolves around steel; it lies at the very heart of our business.
To shed more light on this topic, we have launched ‘Talking Steel’, an ongoing series of articles focusing on the vast subject of steel processing.

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The individual challenges and opportunities in your industry are essential for the success of your business. Whether it's locksmith's shops, rolling mills, shipyard, bridge or machine construction, steel trading or construction, furniture or automotive industries, our experts know your business and the challenges you have to face every day.

Benefit from our broad customer knowledge and our experience from projects within your industry. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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