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GIETART Aerial In-line Blaster

Powerful shot blaster for cleaning welded constructions and components
Workspace [mm]: 1,000 | 1,500 and Number of Turbines: 12 | 16
Capacity depending on shape and weight of the parts
- Unique MONORAIL system

Benefits at a glance

  • Especially designed for long construction parts  
  • Effective cleaning of a wide range of products 
  • Custom specific solutions, based on proven technology 
  • Highly efficient, cost effective and competitive system 
  • Perfect combination with additional conservation line 
  • Ideal interface with existing monorail system

GIETART Aerial In-line Blaster


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    Optimal shot blasting results, low running costs

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    Integrated high-quality solutions for the steel industry

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    Successful plant integration within your production environment

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    Environmentally friendly and resource-saving products

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    Automated solutions for each level of requirement

  • We guarantee the quality of your steel!

  • Cutting-edge sawing, drilling and plate processing technology

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    Highly efficient painting and drying systems

  • Kaltenbach - Hengelo - service

    We know how to boost your efficiency and productivity

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    Optimal availability and performance

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    Advanced process monitoring systems

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    Developed for strong performance

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    Committed support and professional advice

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    We are there - wherever you need us

  • Project Approach - After Sales - Service

    Trustworthy partnerships

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    Speed, quality, precision

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    Total versatility, high-end cutting techniques

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    Total design consultancy and customized solutions

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    Constructed to meet your individual needs

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    Over 135 years of accumulated know-how

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