Carlo Blokhuis, Chief Engineer R&D of KALTENBACH | GIETART

The story behind the new GIETART ECO Blaster

What makes steel processing so much fun? A series of shiny steel profiles, the cheerful laughter of colleagues, or a nice whirring machine that does what you have in mind?

Often it is the little things that make your day special.

Do you know what really makes us happy? Durable, reliable shot blasting machines in a new, convincing design. We have been working hard on that over the past few months. Our Chief Engineer R&D Carlo is happy to tell you more about it.

Carlo: ”It is important that a machine does what it stands for.”

Carlo Blokhuis has been active as an engineer for KALTENBACH | GIETART for over 12 years. He now heads the development of our new shot blasting machines.

Carlo: “It is important that a machine does what it stands for. Good shot blasting work, for continuous production in your steel factory, without malfunctions or failures. Simply a well-functioning, reliable blasting system for a perfect end result. Our machines have always been known for that.

Now we wanted to modernize our machines, but at the same time make them even better. Together with our customers and colleagues, we have developed the new GIETART ECO Blaster. A new, highly advanced system to guarantee the quality of steel products. Durable and robust. With considerable savings on energy and abrasive.

Friendly to the environment, among other things thanks to the <80Db integrated noise protection and the excellent closed construction. We find it important that our machines produce sustainably, at the lowest possible operating costs. The new machine is therefore full of new gadgets for lower energy consumption and an even better blasting result."

A convincing new design

"A new machine naturally requires a modern, sleek look. For this we have worked together in a very inspiring way with, among others, Patrick Adrian from IDpartners (Enschede-NL). In the new design, all facets of the GIETART ECO Blaster come together: a reliable, high-quality machine, with which we can offer our customers a sustainable competitive advantage.

An additional advantage is that we can fully assemble this machine in Hengelo. This means an extra short installation time for our customer. So he can start producing very quickly.

In addition, for me as Chief Engineer R&D, it is absolutely wonderful that we at KALTENBACH | GIETART manufacture the complete machine here in Hengelo. We have short lines of communication with our production people and technicians. Everyone feels very involved with our machines, and together we guarantee a fantastic end product.

We also notice this in the reactions of our customers. I am very happy with all the enthusiastic messages we receive from the field. This indicates that we as KALTENBACH | GIETART are on the right track.”


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