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Shot blasting system with modernized priming system

During the summer holidays from mid-July to early August 2023, stürmsfs and KALTENBACH | GIETART successfully installed the new blasting and priming system at the Klaus AT location.

A new blasting system was installed and, in the same context, a retrofit was carried out on the painting system. In connection with the conversion, the foundations and recesses also had to be adjusted, as the new blasting system is based on a different substructure than the previous one.

You can find the advantages of the new blasting and priming system and photos in the following report (German).

[translation in English]

Advantages of the new blasting and priming system:

  • higher reliability and associated process security
  • Improved jet pattern based on the latest technology
  • blasting possible over a total width of up to 2500 mm
  • up to 25% higher output
  • less maintenance thanks to wear-resistant lining
  • higher energy efficiency


Many thanks to stürmsfs for their generous words and support. 
We highly appreciate the pleasant and fruitful cooperation we have shared over the course of many, many years.



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