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New saw/drill combination for Nils Løff AS

The Norwegian company Nils Løff AS has more than 30 years of experience in the delivery of steel structures to the building and construction industry. Recently they installed a large KALTENBACH Saw/drill combination which was delivered by P Meidell AS.

Nils Løff, former owner and now calculator at Nils Løff AS: “Our old KALTENBACH saw had worked very well through all years since 2005, and as far as I can remember, we never had production stop on this saw. We checked with several suppliers to get a good overview of who could offer what, but the good experience with KALTENBACH and the long relationship with the company P Meidell AS, made the choice land on a new saw/drill line from KALTENBACH.”

Important characteristics of the new saw/drill combination are:

  • Fully automated line
  • High cutting performance
  • Large process reliability
  • Lowest cost of ownership, fast ROI

“All jobs go much faster, and since time is money, the new machine saves us so much. I think the investment has financed itself within a few years”, explains Pål Rino Jensen, project manager and owner of Nils Løff AS.

Next to this, the dedication and expertise of KALTENBACH’s service technician was highly praised by Nils Løff AS.

Many thanks to the complete team of Nils Løff AS, as well as P Meidell AS and Maskinregisteret for this inspiring article.

A special thanks for our pleasant cooperation over the years, and especially during the installation of the new saw/drill line!


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On the photo: Former owner, now calculator Nils Løff t.v and new owner Pål Rino Jensen

Source: Maskinregisteret 3 - 2024 - Page 32-35

For more information on KALTENBACH saw/drill combination, click here.


New saw/drill combination for Nils Løff AS
New saw/drill combination for Nils Løff AS

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