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Important visit for 100-year-old KALTENBACH | GIETART

Eddy van Hijum, Member of the Executive Council of the Province of Overijssel - Netherlands, recently visited KALTENBACH B.V. | GIETART in Hengelo. The reason was the periodic coordination between the chairman of the Leading Group BOOST Smart Industry, Stephan Toxopeüs, and the Province of Overijssel. Bas Ramaker, Project Manager High Tech Innovation of the Province of Overijssel and Robin Burghard, Project Manager at BOOST Smart Industry, were also present during the visit.

Future-proof with BOOST Smart Industry

BOOST Smart Industry helps the East Netherlands industry to become future-proof and to remain relevant. Robin Burghard: “For BOOST, direct connection with the industry is essential. A Leading Group of entrepreneurs puts trends and developments on the agenda. These are taken up by the network and elaborated by the supporting organizations of BOOST. All these efforts together lead to a sustainable and competitive future for the East Netherlands industry.”


With its 100 years, KALTENBACH | GIETART is ready for the future. CEO Stephan Toxopeüs: “At the moment we mainly focus on sustainability and operational efficiency of our blasting and painting systems. Thanks to our extensive experience and high innovative strength, KALTENBACH | GIETART has been a technology leader in the industry for many years.”

Eddy van Hijum has a relentless interest in the Overijssel industry. “The province actively supports the innovations of the manufacturing industry with programs such as BOOST and with vouchers. After all, manufacturing companies are of above-average importance to the Overijssel economy; we are talking about approximately 17% of our gross regional product and more than 100,000 employees!”

He was impressed how a company with such a long history has clearly managed to put itself back on the map. As Stephan Toxopeüs put it: “If you are not able to reinvent or establish yourself, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity for new ideas, new oxygen for further development.”

The GIETART brand is a renowned name in the steel industry. During the factory tour, Stephan Toxopeüs was able to show a range of new machines ready for shipment to the customer.

Shot blasting - Painting


Eddy van Hijum and Stephan Toxopeüs
Eddy van Hijum and Stephan Toxopeüs
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