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Further strengthening an already enviable circular sawing machine portfolio, the Kaltenbach Group of companies have recently announced a new co-operation with the German company, RSA.

RSA are already a well known and respected machinery manufacturer of high quality sawing and deburring machinery in their own right. Through the co-operation, Kaltenbach will be able to fulfil an even broader range of customer requirements with the combined product ranges providing an array of sawing and deburring solutions for every demand.

RSA’s latest cutting system, the RASACUT SH, has been specially designed for the steel service centre and high volume production industries. The RASACUT 150-2 combines extremely high sawing speed with a versatile and flexible design, suitable for processing a range of differing materials.

The saw is able to saw both solid materials and tubes up to 101.6 mm diameter as a double, two-piece at once, cut and up to 150 mm diameter for single cutting. The machine is therefore a highly advantageous solution for any steel service centre or production environment.

This new co-operation, bringing together the combined strengths, expertise and products of both Kaltenbach and RSA will place both companies at the forefront of the materials processing industries, with solutions ranging from workshop saws through to fully automatic cutting lines.


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