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The Peter Drösser GmbH was founded in 1919 with the registration of a trade to "purchase and sale of steam boilers, machinery and entire factory facilities" in Cologne- Mülheim. The company took over the years , especially after the end of World War II, a continuously positive development and became more and more local and regional importance - primarily through its increased focus on the steel trade. Drösser steel trade stands today as a recognized and reputable company for steel competence over the Rhineland.

In the last Drösser magazine Drösser reported that they invested several hundred thousand euros in a new shot blast system from the renowned  steel processing plant manufacturer KALTENBACH. The aim of this Drösser investment is to further improve benefits to the customer by a significant reduction of the contract production run times. Recently the plant has been started successfully.

The mounting and the commissioning of this colossal machinery were impressive. A mobile heavy-duty crane had to perform maximum precision work to place the heavy weight machinery in front of the hall in such a way that it could then be brought to its final location within the plant – on special roller supports – for mounting  and commissioning.

The model of the new KALTENBACH shotblasting machine is SPRINT 1504. Its four turbines – each with a capacity of 11 kW/h shoots the abrasive material (steel shots) at high velocityachieving “Formula 1speed" of more than 300 km/h on the materials to be processed. The number of turbines,  combined with their transversal location to the processing direction, allow to achieve an optimum processing result.


Optimal pre-treatment
Free from contamination, rust, scale or slag – is how  every processor wants his steel deliveries. With its new shot- blasting line Drösser has now tremendouslyextended its processing capabilities.

The Drösser customers now receive their plates, profiles and coping cuts from one source in the SA 2,5 industry standard quality perfectly cleaned and ready for immediate further processing. This represents a considerable time saving in the preparation process.  Drösser customers can concentrate on their core tasks and achieve improved order processing.

The range of applications aimed at the surface preparation of beams and structural hollow sections, similarly, heated-cut  parts, steel bars, tubes and plates  can be prepared at this plant before material processing.


One ordering process, one contact person, no loss of time
With short order and delivery times at Drösser this process speeds up the valuable production time. Drösser processes beams and hollow profiles on the same day the order is placed.  Mild steels are already assured for the next day.  Even for the steel bars, square and rectangle tubes or heated-cut parts only one more working day is required.

“We have implemented or completed  the commissioning  in a deliberately cautious way and have carried out several tests in order to achieve a stable and consistent processing quality level.” This has been confirmed by Mr. Dominik Breidenbach, the customer’s adviser of Drosser in his testimony: “We have been using the new KALTENBACH processing line for a period of more than 4 weeks and just as our customers are, we are highly satisfied with the end results and the high material flow.” (MK)


The technical information
Sheets can be worked up to a width of 1,500 mm and carrier to a length of 15 metres.


Technical characteristics:

Sheets min. thickness6 mm
Profiles    max.       1,000 x 300 mm
Flat iron       min.  60 x 8 mm
Transport length    min.2,000 mm
Material Type S235 JR EN 10025-2 

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KALTENBACH Maschines in use:
Sprint 1504
KBS 750 DG
KBS 620 DG

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