Professional training

Mechatronic Technician (m/f/d)

In this apprenticeship position you will obtain wide-ranging qualifications in both mechanical-electrical and electronics. The Mechatronic Technician bridges the gap between mechanical systems and electronics.

With the aid of design drawings, circuit diagrams and technical documentation, you will assist in assembling a variety of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components into sub-assemblies and then into functional products, like sawing machines, for example.

The program provides an understanding of the various components so that they can be adapted to one another. You carry out and document electrical modifications. You localize and correct mechanical and electrical malfunctions. Sawing machines and other equipment are put into operation and defects corrected, including in terms of services provided.

You should possess manual abilities as well as a good command of school-level Maths and English. It is expected that you will take pleasure in working with technology and in solving mechanical and electrical problems and also have the ability to improvise and demonstrate independent initiative in dealing with assignments. With a view to eventual assignments in the field, mobility is also desired.

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