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Industrial Business Studies (B.A.)

Modern industrial companies such as Kaltenbach operate in a very dynamic environment. Topics such as shortened innovation cycles, internationalisation of purchasing, modern logistics, globalisation of competition, computerised controlling systems, lean production and new personnel management systems demand young management staff with a lot of dynamism, farsightedness and an outstanding education.

Graduates of a business studies course are expected to have sound knowledge at university level in the relevant business areas. These areas, which can be chosen as specialities in the industry study course, include:

  • Production logistics, materials administration, purchasing
  • Marketing, distribution
  • Controlling, cost calculation, accounting, taxation, investment and financing
  • Personnel management, organisation
  • Information management
  • International business administration

Young business administrators are in particular expected to solve management tasks with the current instruments of information technology and be able to operate with technical and linguistic confidence in the international context.


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