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IT Specialist - System Integration

Professional Training

IT Specialist - System Integration

IT Specialists specializing in system integration plan and configure IT systems. As service to our staff they set up these systems according to the requirements and operate or manage them. This also means, that they narrow and resolve the error systematically and using expert and diagnostic systems. They advise internal and external users in the selection and operation of the set up and resolve application and system problems. They also create system documentations and provide trainings for users.

The training provides among other things the knowledge in the planning and implementation of complex IT systems, the creation of system documentation, commissioning of IT systems and the repair of hardware. Moreover, knowledge is provided in the manner that they can support in application problems and answering it-specific issues.

We expect a general qualification for university entrance or an advanced technical college entrance qualification or a secondary school certificate. We assume fun on working with new technologies and information technologies. Teamwork, initiative and solution-oriented thinking should be you strengths.