KDU 250

Drilling Machine for Profiles
Capacity range W x H [mm]: 250 x 250


Benefits at a glance

  • Capacity Range (w x h): 250 × 250 mm
  • Robust, low-vibration design prolongs machine and tool life
  • Machine portal in robust welded construction
  • Efficient drilling, centre-marking, counter-sinking and thread-cutting on all drill axes simultaneously
  • Powerful clamping system reliably holds material and reduces vibrations to prolong band life
  • Rapid/working feed concept for shorter idle times
  • Servomotor and ball screw for high-precision drill axis positioning and feed control
  • A saw can be incorporated to create a saw-drill combination with circular saw KKS 450 U or band saw KBS 400 DG
  • Manual quick-change chuck
  • Tool-centric processing minimises tool changes
  • Use of HSS drills
  • Up to four drill axes each with one drilling tool, optional with 3-place tool changer
KDU 250


Machining diversity

Machining diversity

  • Efficient drilling, punching, countersinking and thread cutting on all drilling axes and optional saw cut
Space Saving Design

Space Saving Design

  • Swarf tray mounted on rollers
  • Optional swarf conveyor for automated, continuous swarf removal


  • In combination with circular saw KKS or bandsaw KBS as automatic saw-dill-line
Simultaneous Handling from up to four sides

Simultaneous Handling from up to four sides

  • Easy manual tool change at every drilling unit, optional tool changer
  • Drilling possible from below
Low wear and low maintenance

Low wear and low maintenance

  • Drill carriage mounted on dual play-free, pre-stressed linear guide elements
  • High precision during axis movement and when drilling
  • Ball screw with servomotor for high-precision positioning
Tool changer (Option)

Tool changer (Option)

  • 3 tools per axis
  • MK3 tool holder
High Drilling Capacity

High Drilling Capacity

  • Drilling feed via ballscrew spindle and servo motor
  • Constant and repeatable feed rates
  • Use of HSS tools

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)mm2000 x 1375 x 2500
Weightkgapprox. 2500
Supply and discharge sideDrilling
Rapid advance/return movementmm/min9000
Workspace max.mm250 x 250
Working range min.mm50 x 20
Drilling unit vertical (Y-axis)Pieces1
Drilling unit horizontal (Z- and W-axis)Pieces3, 2 (optional)
Drilling units from below (U-axis, optional)Pieces1
Drill Sizemm26
Number of tools per axisPieces1 (optional 3)
Drive power axekW4
Spindle speed max.min-1200 - 2000
Degree of Automationautomatic outfeed
automatic infeed
Material classSteel
Working processesProfiles


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