KDP 1036

Powerful Drilling Machine for Steel Profiles
Capacity range W x H [mm]: 1030 x 600 and Number of Tools: 36


Benefits at a glance

  • Capacity Range (w x h): 1030 × 600 mm
  • Machine portal in robust welded construction incorporating two horizontal and one vertical drilling unit
  • Robust, low-vibration design prolongs machine and tool life
  • Efficient drilling, centre-marking, milling, contour marking, counter-sinking and thread-cutting on all 3 axes simultaneously
  • Axes able to move by 500 mm to boost productivity by up to 50%
  • Powerful indirect drive concept for high-performance machining
  • Two spindle options to optimise the machine for the customer’s process requirements
  • Large, 12 position tool changers on each axis, ensuring process versatility with low setup times
  • Robust clamping system and spindle design to reduce vibration and extend tooling life
  • Intelligent material measurement integrated into clamping system for greater process reliability
  • Rapid/working feed concept for shorter idle times
  • Servomotor and ball screw for high-precision drill axis positioning and feed control
  • Modern software package for simple programming, efficient nesting, flexible evaluation and production data reporting
  • Sturdy machine construction to guarantee a long service life and high return on investment
  • Low-maintenance lubrication concept, with grouped lubrication points for easy access during maintenance
  • Carbide and solid carbide drills can be used to significantly reduce production times
  • Milling of standard contours
  • Contour Marking with 4 axes (optional)
  • A saw can be incorporated to create a saw-drill combination

Alternative Machines

KDP 1036
Range of tools Drilling KDP


Material Marking by Means of a Milling Tool on the Drill Head

Material Marking by Means of a Milling Tool on the Drill Head

  • Application of reference boundaries for welding add-on pieces
  • DSTV-Data import
  • Use of high-speed carbide tools
  • In addition to the three drill axis - marking from the bottom (4th axis)
Fast Marking Process

Fast Marking Process

  • Fast marking process for applying letters and numerals
  • Up to 22 characters without material movement
  • Can be integrated into fully-automated handling processes
  • Imprint still clearly visible after galvanizing or painting

Technical Data

Operating voltageV/Hz/A400 / 50 / -
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm6560 x 2100 x 3900
Weightkgapprox. 13200
Supply and discharge sideDrilling
Contour Marking
Rapid advance/return movementmm/min22000
Workspace max.mm1030 x 600
Working range min.mm50 x 5
Drilling unit vertical (Y-axis)Pieces1
Drilling unit horizontal (Z- and W-axis)Pieces2
Drill Sizemm6,8-50
Number of tools per axisPieces12
Drive power axekW34,5
Spindle speed max.min-15150
Solid Carbide Tools
Degree of Automationautomatic outfeed
automatic sorting of trim and remnant cuts
automatic infeed
Material classSteel
Working processesProfiles

In-/Outfeed side

Connection to Steel Roller Conveyor

Connection to Steel Roller Conveyor

Cross Transport by Means of Lift-and-Carry System (As an Alternative to Drag Chains)

Low-Noise Material Cross Transport

Low-Noise Material Cross Transport

By lightly raising the material using polyamide-coated rollers integrated into the roller conveyor, the traditional “steel on steel” noise from cross transporting profiles is significantly reduced. Transport technology in steel construction and steel trading will be revolutionized through this new system.

  • Fully-automatic control
  • Contributes to enhanced occupational safety and the protection of personnel and the environment


Space Saving Measuring System on the Feed Side

Space Saving Measuring System on the Feed Side

M 152 GG Sliding Measuring Carriage with Two Grippers
Cross Transport with lifting pins

Cross Transport with lifting pins

Cross Transport with lifting pins
Fast Material Cross Transport

Fast Material Cross Transport

  • Material stock in heavy-duty steel construction
  • Sliding rails of synthetic material (polyamide) for low-noise material cross transport
  • Drag chains with transport claws
  • Drive system with continuously-variable frequency-controlled gear motor


T 13 Transport System for Steel Construction and Steel Service Centers

T 13 Transport System for Steel Construction and Steel Service Centers

T 13 Modular Expandable Conveyor Roller System
Universal Measuring System on the Feed Side

Universal Measuring System on the Feed Side

M 151 G Sliding Measuring Carriage with Gripper


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