Technology Partners

Our technology partnership with Zeman - Steel Beam Assembler (SBA)



To strengthen our portfolio in the field of welding robots, KALTENBACH have entered into cooperation with the company Zeman, for the sales of the Steel Beam Assembler (SBA). This plant is able to find the fittings automatically and position via robot on to the beam and then tack in position. After tacking, the beam is fully welded automatically. Our KWR is designed purely to weld pre-assembled beams, which is a less expensive option.

The company Zeman manufactures the SBA as a complete welding solution which emulates the fabrication line for customers, especially in portal frame and industrial construction. Such a plant needs the appropriate machines to process the required structural and plate steel with high accuracy and quality to ensure a successful automated process. Therefore KALTENBACH is the ideal partner.

Through this partnership we can serve customers who have a need for fully automated welding, and the company Zeman has a preferred supplier with the necessary technical knowledge and experience in steel processing machinery. This cooperation therefore has great benefits for both partners.

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