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KF 2614 / 28


Plate Processing Centre Capacity range W x L [mm]: 2600 х 6000 (optional 12000)


Benefits at a glance

  • Diverse manufacturing technologies such as drilling, milling, countersinking, thread-cutting, contourmarking, oxyfuel and plasma cutting bundled on a single machine
  • Powerful drives for optimum performance and low production times
  • Higher spindle speeds ideal for milling
  • 14-place tool changer for faster setup times
  • Less space needed for measuring carriage
  • Measuring carriage at the side runs through the machine to optimise plate fixation throughout the entire machining process
  • Increased traversing speed of axes
  • Durable construction provides the basis for a long-term investment
  • Common cut for less waste
  • Fully automatic handling of small parts
  • Rotating swarf brush for automatic clearing of chips in front of cutting processes
  • Two processing units for parallel machining and higher efficiency
  • Optionally with downholder roll for optimum contact pressure of the plate when milling larger contours
  • Less space requirements for measuring carriage by more compact design
  • Higher spindle speed for drilling and milling

Alternative Machines

KF 2614 / 28
Tool Catalogue
Autogenous Gas Cutting Unit

Autogenous Gas Cutting Unit

  • Universally implementable gas cutting unit built onto the drilling unit
  • Automatic height adjustment of the cutting unit
Drilling Unit

Drilling Unit

  • Drill carriage mounted on dual play-free, pre-stressed linear guides
  • Robust mountig for high precision when drilling
Dust Removal System for Plasma Cutting Unit (Optional)

Dust Removal System for Plasma Cutting Unit (Optional)

  • System with pre-separator and dust collection container
  • Filtering unit with eight cartridges in flame retardant design
  • Automatic filter cleaning
High Speed Contour Marking (Optional)

High Speed Contour Marking (Optional)

  • Application of numbers and letters as well as reference boundaries for welding add-on pieces
  • DSTV-Data import
  • Use of high-speed carbide tools
Hydraulic Marking Equipment (Optional)

Hydraulic Marking Equipment (Optional)

  • Fast, high-quality marking process for applying letters and numbers
  • Marking depth to 1 mm regardless of material and plate thickness
  • Imprint still clearly visible after galvanizing or painting
Integrated Tilt-Back Mechanism

Integrated Tilt-Back Mechanism

  • Automatic disposal of small parts in a removable finished-parts container
Downholder and Downholer roll

Downholder and Downholer roll

  • Hold-down device minimises vibrations- thereby increasing machining quality and prolonging tool life
  • Hold-down device is used with extensive milling operations
Plasma Cutting Unit (Optional)

Plasma Cutting Unit (Optional)

  • Highest cutting performance and optimum cutting quality
  • In addition to autogenous gas cutting, a high-performance plasma cutting machine can optionally be used
  • Common cut and cross-cut technology generates significantly less waste
Swiveling Control Console with TFT Display

Swiveling Control Console with TFT Display

  • Plain-text display of machine data and possible error messages
  • Good observation of the processes and rapid intervention in case of disturbance
Swarf Brush

Swarf Brush

  • Fully automated swarf removal before thermal cutting
Tool Change Unit

Tool Change Unit

  • Automatic tool change on the drilling unit for the most common tool sizes
  • Tool change unit consists of a chain change system directly attached to the portal
  • Tool change automatically sets the correct speed and feed-rate values
  • Automatic drill length sensing
Second Drilling/Gas-Cutting Unit (Optional)

Second Drilling/Gas-Cutting Unit (Optional)

  • In order to increase throughput the system can be expanded through an additional drilling/gas-cutting unit (autogenous and/or plasma)
Thermal cutting
Contour Marking
Dimensions (L X W X H)mm15500 x 9000 x 5000
Machine Weightkg13000
Drilling unit horizontal (Z- and W-axis)Pieces1 / 2
Drill Sizemm8 - 50
Number of tools per axisPieces14
Drive power axekW34,5 kW
Spindle speed max.min-13500
Sheet starting material sheet widthmm220 - 2600
Sheet starting material sheet lengthmm500 - 6000 (12000)
Sheet starting material sheet thicknessmm6 - 100
Toolchanger x Magazine placesPieces1 x 14 (2 x 14)
ToolsCarbide Tools
Solid Carbide Tools
Degree of Automationautomatic infeed
automatic outfeed
automatic sorting of trim and remnant cuts
MaterialclassStainless Steell
Non-ferrous metal
Component length max.mm60 x 60 / 2600 x 6000 (12000)


  • Compact measuring carriage minimises space requirements
  • Measuring carriage athe the side measures plate length
  • Measuring carriage athe the side can travel through the gantry to retain the plate at machining height
Cross Transport with Lift-and-Carry System

Cross Transport with Lift-and-Carry System

  • For enhanced material organisation and temporary storage of sheet metals
  • Hydraulic lifting beam and retractable transport beam with bi-directional capability
  • All lift and carry lines fitted with individual hydraulic units

Modern Software Package for KALTENBACH Plate Processing Machines

  • Color touchscreen with large keypads directly on the machine control console
  • Tool Changer setup based upon the tool type and diameter
  • Allocation of the drill diameter to rotational speed settings and feed rates

LANTEK - Programming via macros integrated into the drawing program

  • Macros available from within the integrated drawing program and can be individually created, modified or expanded

LANTEK - Cross-cut function

  • Interactive automatic or manual true-shape nesting

LANTEK - Econo-cut function

  • Interactive automatic or manual true-shape nesting

LANTEK - WOS Workshop Organization System

  • On-screen information on the current and open nesting orders with plate data, estimated amount of processing time, tools, etc.
  • Recording of actual processing time 
  • Information on the production status

LANTEK - Data transfer and data response

  • Data input directly on the machine’s control console
  • Data import in DSTV, DXF or DWG format 
  • Data export of already produced parts in any directory

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