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KTC 2512


Final Painting System for Customized Steel Profiles and Steel Constructions Capacity range [mm]: 2500 x 600 and Number of Spray Guns: 12 - 24


Benefits at a glance

  • Aperture size (w x h): 2.500 x 700 mm
  • Automated painting process
  • Maximum economy through reduced throughput times and paint consumption, and space saving due to reduced drying times
  • 12 paint guns (optionally 24) for complete painting in a single pass
  • Use of water-soluble or solvent-based paints
  • Low cleaning and maintenance times

Alternative Machines

KTC 2512
3D Painting of Steel Constructions

3D Painting of Steel Constructions

  • Complete painting in a single work step
  • Continuous processing for high throughput
Spray Guns for 3D Painting

Spray Guns for 3D Painting

  • 12 spray guns for painting made-to-measure steel profiles and steel constructions
  • Optionally expandable to up to 36 (three colour systems for three different colours; colour change possible without flushing the system)
  • Thickness of the paint layer continuously adjustable from 20 up to 150 µm
Topcoating with KTC

Topcoating with KTC

  • Painting of finished steel constructions
  • Water- or solvent-based painting possible
  • Highly economical due to low energy and paint costs
  • Maintenance and user friendly
Drying Tunnel

Drying Tunnel

  • Dryer with PU foam insulation in cartridge form
  • Adjustable temperature range
  • Optimized drying process through circulating air fans
  • The drying tunnel is connected to the preheating furnace by means of a duct system, so that the heated air can also be used in the drying process
Preheating Furnace (Optional)

Preheating Furnace (Optional)

  • Two burners
  • Extremely low gas consumption
  • Adjustable temperature range
  • The preheating furnace is connected to the after-dryer by means of a duct system, so heated air can thus be used in the drying process
Workspace max.mm2.500 x 600
working range Platemm2.500
working range Profilemm2.500 x 600
Passage rangemm2.500 x 700
Number of spray guns12 - 24
Degree of Automationautomatic infeed
automatic outfeed
Solid Material
Welded constructions
Chain Conveyors

Chain Conveyors

  • For the transport of profiles, sheet metal and constructions (e.g. profiles with top and base plates up to 100 mm)
  • Provides advantages over a roller conveyor as contact with freshly-painted material is minimal
  • Multiple chain conveyors can be synchronized for the trouble-free transport of constructions


T 13 Modular Expandable Conveyor Roller System

T 13 Modular Expandable Conveyor Roller System

  • For material feed and removal
  • Executed in welded construction with maintenance-free, ball-bearing conveyor rollers of solid material
  • Roller-conveyor drive on the feed and removal sides with frequency-controlled gear motor
Cross Transport by Means of Lift-and-Carry System (As an Alternative to Drag Chains)

Cross Transport by Means of Lift-and-Carry System (As an Alternative to Drag Chains)

  • Hydraulic liftable and lowerable lifting beams running in both directions
  • Drive system with continuously-variable frequency-controlled gear motor
  • Each lifting line has its own hydraulic unit




By lightly raising the material using polyamide-coated rollers integrated into the roller conveyor, the traditional “steel on steel” noise from cross transporting profiles is significantly reduced. Transport technology in steel construction and steel trading will be revolutionized through this new system.

  • Fully-automatic control
  • Contributes to enhanced occupational safety and the protection of personnel and the environment


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