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On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the Court in The Hague has declared bankrupt the company Kaltenbach Tools B.V. in Kwintsheul in the Netherlands.

Kaltenbach Tools B.V. was a sales and service partner of KALTENBACH GmbH + Co. KG in Lörrach in Germany. Kaltenbach Tools B.V. has always been an independent company outside of the KALTENBACH Group, even if they were allowed to carry KALTENBACH in their name.

KALTENBACH Lörrach and the Dutch branch KALTENBACH B.V. | GIETART in Hengelo regret that this relationship has now come to an end.

Naturally, KALTENBACH will continue to serve its customers in the Benelux and to provide active support for the KALTENBACH products. Ensuring production for the many customers in Benelux is a top priority for KALTENBACH. The service departments of KALTENBACH B.V. | GIETART in Hengelo/Bleiswijk and TM-TOOLS B.V. in Wateringen, Netherlands, will continue to ensure this in the future.

TM-TOOLS has many years of experience with the maintenance and service of semi-automatic circular saws and is certified by KALTENBACH for the service of these products. In addition, TM Tools will be responsible for Sale of USM machines with immediate effect.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact KALTENBACH | GIETART in Hengelo.


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Kaltenbach Tools B.V.
Kaltenbach Tools B.V.

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