High-end, automatic spray painting solution

GIETART Top Coating System for Unger Steel Group

The Unger Steel Group is an Austrian group of companies in the construction industry.

The Group is one of the leading and internationally most successful industrial companies in Europe. For Unger Stahlbau Ges.m.b.H. in Oberwart (Austria), KALTENBACH | GIETART has supplied our innovative Top Coating system.

A high-end, automatic spray painting solution for the top coating of steel constructions:

  • High flexibility
  • Unique 3D scanning system
  • Minimized cleaning times
  • Short drying times
  • Attractive finished products

The Unger Steel Group represents quality, customer focus, flexibility and delivery reliability. KALTENBACH | GIETART is happy to be able to contribute to this, thanks to our cutting-edge painting technology.

This enables to work with highly cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions in combination with a precise coating technique.



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