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New Managing Director in France


Ehret Pierre Ehret

On behalf of KALTENBACH, we congratulate Mr. Pierre Ehret on his well-deserved and long awaited retirement. 30 years of dedication and commitment from his end towards us is greatly appreciated and cannot be expressed in words.


As Managing Director in France he dedicated himself through hard work and sincerity and helped KALTENBACH to reach new heights in the French market as well as to express our high values towards the customers. His contribution was a major part of the development and the history of Kaltenbach France.


Wimmer Fabien Wimmer

As worthy successor Mr. Fabien Wimmer is taking over the responsibility as Managing Director in France and for the North African market. He is very experienced in the industry and has a clear focus on the needs of the customers. We are looking forward to a long-lasting and successful collaboration and further positive development in these markets together with Mr. Wimmer.