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Kaltenbach reports good sales in early 2015


Kaltenbach reports good sales in early 2015


Following completion of the new Tata Teeside Steel Service Centre last year, Kaltenbach Ltd, UK subsidiary of the German based steel processing machinery manufacturer, reports a 'major increase' in demand over the past six months.

Kaltenbach has installed five sawing systems at Tata Teeside, giving the facility a total output capacity exceeding 170,000 tons per annum. The saws include two Kaltenbach KBS 1301 DG models, a smaller KBS 1010 DG model and a KBS 620 DG for lighter sections and material packs. Also installed in a bespoke building at the 40 acre site is a Kaltenbach HDM 1432 Cold Saw for heavy section processing.

The Tata Steel Service Centre system boasts a 2.5 m width capacity with six shotblasting turbines that achieve an average line speed of [...]


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