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Business Informatics - Software Engineering

DHBW Programme of Study

Business Informatics - Software Engineering (B.Sc.)

The aim of our Business Informatics - Software Engineering course is to train and develop staff who will support us in planning and developing business applications.

The educational goal is commercially thinking computer scientists who will:

  • know how modern application landscapes are architecturally structured
  • know how to develop new software or expand existing software
  • know how to link software with other applications via interfaces
  • understand the development of complex business applications (e.g. on the basis of ABAP by SAP)
  • be able to program web and mobile applications (e.g. with Java, .NET, Android)
  • master project management in software developments (social competences, procedures).

Key areas of study are:

  • Adaptation of business systems (e.g. ABAP by SAP®)
  • Mobile and web engineering with Java ®, .NET®, Android on iPad, Windows Phone, etc.)
  • Interface programming
  • Project management in all its facets: technologies, social competences, procedural models
  • Media design and usability


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