SKL 450 E

Semi-automatic Mitre Saw for non-ferrous metals up to Ø 160 mm

Benefits at a glance

  • saw blade: Ø 450 mm
  • Mitre cuts +/- 90 Degrees
  • Clamping, sawing, reverse motion, opening – at the touch of a button
  • Suitable for single cuts and processing of small batches
  • Push-button adjustment of the cutting height
  • User-friendly electronic control directly on the machine
  • Good accessibility for saw blade changes and maintenance work
  • Space saving installation

Alternative Machines

SKL 450 E
Range of tools Saw Blades


Workpiece Clamping

Workpiece Clamping

  • 8 mm hub
  • Large-scale pressure piece for secure clamping on both sides of the saw blade
  • Flexible in material measurement, especially within wide limits
Individual Feed Adjustment

Individual Feed Adjustment

  • Universal, infinitely variable adjustment, even during the sawing process
  • Hydropneumatic feed
Rotary table for mitre cuts

Rotary table for mitre cuts

  • Easy, manual adjustment
  • Pivoting range 180°
Precise Straight and Mitre Cuts

Precise Straight and Mitre Cuts

  • Stable contact surface for precise cuts
  • Adjustable forwards and backwards
Additional Workpiece Clamping

Additional Workpiece Clamping

  • Horizontal clamping device to the right and left of the saw blade
Minimum quantity lubrication

Minimum quantity lubrication

  • Virtually dry workpiece
  • Optimum tool lubrication when sawing profiles
  • Disposal of lubricant unnecessary
  • Long blade life


Technical Data

Drive performancekW3,7/4,7
Weightkgapprox. 680
Supply and discharge sideSawing
SawbladeØ mm450
Cutting speedm/min1.950/3.900
Sawblade feedratemm/min0-3000
Rapid advance/return movementmm/min4.500
Workspace max.mm160
Working range Squaremm145
Working range Flatmaterialmm320x50
Working range Roundmaterialmm160
Mitre range180°
ToolsCarbide Tools
Degree of AutomationSemi-automatic
Material classNon-ferrous metal
Working processesLayers
Solid Material

In-/Outfeed side

L 41 NC length measuring device

L 41 NC length measuring device

  • for electronic adjustment of the measuring length via NC-control
  • feed gripper is clamped automatically after the positioning
  • easy operation via touch screen
L 41 P length measuring device

L 41 P length measuring device

  • combination of automatic material pusher and length stop
  • minimal waste at the end of the material
  • after programming the section length, the material is automatically moved forward and cut to size
  • both straight and angle (mitre) cuts are possible
  • system can also be used manually as a length stop
L 45 I length measuring device

L 45 I length measuring device

  • The stop is moved using a handwheel, the clamping hydraulically using a hand valve
  • Digital display provides information about the position
L 45 E length measuring device

L 45 E length measuring device

  • for manually adjustment of measurement length
  • adjustable vernier for high measurement accuracy
  • attachable stop guide for short cut lengths
  • stop arm can be pivoted upwards
  • can be fitted with a digital display
T3 Transport System for Circular Saws

T3 Transport System for Circular Saws

  • For material feed and removal with circular saws
  • Ball-bearing light-running rollers
  • Operating width: 330 mm / Roller diameter: 60 mm


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